Despite what you may have heard shortly after the ACA became law, brokers are, and will continue to be, a valuable part of the process of buying insurance, especially ancillary. The pundits who predicted that brokers would no longer be needed were wrong. The insurance landscape is more confusing than ever, and you are a valuable tool for clients in need of direction.

Employers and their employees are struggling to navigate their many options when it comes to finding the right ancillary plan. If you are

We’re known across the industry as a carrier that is easy to work with. Part of the reason for that is our ability to bundle ancillary products for one low budget-friendly rate. Renaissance Vision is powered by VSP, one of the largest providers of vision care in the nation.

As a broker you can easily add vision coverage to group dental plans by explaining to your clients the benefits of our plan:


ANCILLARY: THE FEEL GOOD INSURANCE Insurance is rarely confused with fun. Nobody will tell you they’d rather select a dental or vision plan than play a round of golf. The fact is, dental and vision are tied to a more positive feeling than medical. With medical insurance, something bad usually has to happen to you before you can use your benefits.

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willing to put in the time to learn about their challenges and find a solution, you will make sales. Not every broker has the knowledge to truly be considered a consultant for their clients, but the ones who do already have the tools they need to be successful.

Want to deepen your expertise and better guide your clients? Let us help you: Click here to learn more. 

Research from the National Association of Dental Plans shows that 90 percent of employees feel it’s important that their employer offers dental insurance. People want to use their dental and vision benefits, which are inherently focused on preventative care with little to no out-of-pocket costs. It’s easy for your clients to see the value in these benefits because they want to take care of their teeth and improve their sight. 

  • Find the perfect pair of glasses from a wide selection of frames to meet your style and budget.
  • Receive vision care from the best doctors. Doctors within the VSP network have met the highest credential requirements.
  • Save with exclusive member extras like rebates, special offers and promotions.


The second most-important ancillary benefit after dental is vision, according to the Vision Council — yet 20 percent of employers don’t offer it. Let us help you take advantage of this market to help boost sales. Learn more about our vision offering here