Renaissance has seen a growing interest in the Reward Plan, and we want to let our agents know how it combines with our customizable solutions for a winning combination.

Here's how it works: The Reward Plan is a group dental solution that allows employers to maintain benefit objectives by offering

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which brings a serious and difficult topic to the front lines. While it may be difficult to talk about, oral cancer is spreading and there are ways to keep your clients healthy.

As the sixth most common cancer worldwide and potentially the most expensive to treat in the nation, only about half of those diagnosed will survive an oral cancer diagnosis in the next five years. Even more concerning is oral cancer has long been considered an "old man's disease," however this is no longer true. The new face of oral cancer is

By: Rob Mulligan, CEO of Renaissance Dental

It's almost impossible to be good at something you're not passionate about. It probably sounds funny to some people, but I am passionate about insurance, and so are the people I work with. That passion has allowed Renaissance to become a much larger player in the insurance field.

Renaissance is committed to improving the oral and overall health of children. We do that through the Renaissance Family Foundation. Earlier this year, we brought our literacy-based oral-

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voluntary dental coverage with no minumum employer contribution requirements. The escalating plan design has an annual maximum that doubles by year three and there are no waiting periods.

Plus, the Reward Plan can be bundled with our vision coverage for one low budget-friendly rate. Administered by VSP, the vision coverage delivers a great patient experience with savings on eye exams, frames, contacts, and more.

We combine this bundled plan offering with customizable landing pages for our agents to provide a winning combination of products, services, and technology that they can promote to their clients. With a customizable landing page, your information is displayed alongside our product offering. Plus, you can direct interested clients to contact you via a variety of methods so that you can give them the products they need.

Check out an example custom landing page here.

health education program called Brush!® to 40 counties in Georgia. Brush!® is a 52-week program aimed at improving the oral health and school readiness of children entering kindergarten.

Kids in Georgia don't have it easy when it comes to good oral health. The state ranks 49th in the country for the number of dentists per capita, with only 4.4 per 10,000 people. Believe it or not, there are 16 counties in the state that don't have a dentist at all. Things are so bad in parts of the state that many children in Georgia have already failed a dental exam by the age of five.

Because of our passion for dental insurance, we knew we wanted to help. That's why Renaissance donated $35,000 to Head Start programs in Georgia to find Brush!® for 4,000 preschool-aged children, their parents and teachers across the state. We also awarded $41,000 to the Georgia Department of Health to help to expand the state's Oral Health Prevention Program. Thanks to that contribution underserved children across the state were given access to a much-needed dental sealant program.

We're helping to teach kids not only about oral health, but also reading, science and math skills. The Renaissance Family Foundation has donated more than $120,000 to support the oral health of children in Georgia since 2013. The programs have been so successful we're hoping to expand to Florida in the near future.

Our hope is that these kids will share the passion for oral health that we have at Renaissance. Having healthy teeth from the start will give all of these kids the chance to succeed as they start their education. As the CEO of Renaissance, I'm proud to be part of the plan that will hopefully help change the future for thousands of children. You can review the entire series here.

getting younger and younger and sadly, the fastest growing segment of newly diagnosed cases is non-smoking, young adults. Why is this?

Unlike most other cancers, 75 percent of oral cancer is caused by lifestyle choices. While smoking still leads the pack as the most common cause, there are other factors that can contribute to the problem.

By visiting the dentist and reducing the cost of diagnostic procedures with dental insurance, your clients can screen for these factors and prevent small, minor problems from becoming painful and expensive.

To learn more, visit the Oral Cancer Foundation and the Wellness Section of our website.