Rob Mulligan, President and CEO of Renaissance Dental, starts his six-part entrepreneurial series discussing "The Vision of Renaissance." In the article,
Mr. Mulligan describes where being a leader starts:

"I am the primary representative of the path our company will follow for years to come. It's not entirely my vision, but I need to be the person who buys into it, crafts it and can present it as the face of our company."

From there, he goes on to explain how the vision of the company leads to bringing in the right talent for the job, and how employees at every level
of the company play an important role in that vision.

Part of the new normal of insurance is a drastic shift to voluntary coverage. Jeff Kolesar, Vice President of Sales and Market Development, explains why it's happening and how it's changing
the insurance industry in this article published in Benefits Pro.

Read it here!

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Our bundled plan means your customers can find exactly what they're looking for, making buying insurance a seamless process.

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You can check out the full article here! Or, check out the first article in the seres here.

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