In honor of Men’s National Health Month, Renaissance brings awareness to periodontal diseases in men. Believe it or not, recent research conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology has found that periodontal disease is much higher in men than in women.

The study stated that 56.4 percent of periodontal diseases (gum diseases) were found in men, whereas women were18 percent less

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Many know osteoporosis as the “bone disease,” which is caused by a lack of calcium within the body. According to a study conducted by Dentistry IQ, there are important correlations between osteoporosis and dental health. Osteoporosis can cause damages within the jaw bone, causing painful and expensive problems.

In fact, the study predicts that osteoporosis will affect more than half of the people in America older than age 50 in the year 2020.² This makes visits to the dentist even more important. Dentists act like disease detectives, discovering over 120 signs and symptoms

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likely to have gum disease.¹ The study suggests that men are less likely to go to the dentist, making them more likely to attain periodontal indicators like dental plaque, tartar, and bleeding.

Periodontal health for men is extremely important as it may impact a variety of health factors like prostate disease, heart disease, cancer, and impotence. Periodontal diseases are treatable, however, and can be easily preventable through routine oral exams.

The fact that periodontal diseases can be spotted during an oral exam highlights the importance for your clients to obtain dental coverage. Dental coverage allows employers to promote a healthy workforce. Join us this month as we continue to bring awareness to important men’s health issues.

¹ Gum Disease and Men (2015). The American Academy of Periodontology. Retrieved from

of non-dental disease, including osteoporosis.³ Through routine dental examinations, dentists can discover jaw bone damages in their early stages, giving the patient a better chance to develop a treatment plan.

As the potential for osteoporosis diagnoses grow in the upcoming years, keeping your clients and their employees with dental insurance covered can help detect the disease and keep smaller, manageable problems from becoming painful and expensive.

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