Renaissance Dental is a proud partner of the National Education 
Association and enjoyed attending the NEA Expo 2015 in Orlando 
last month. Renaissance Dental representatives met with attendees to discuss coverage options and gave out free oral health materials to teachers for them to utilize in the classroom. The Renaissance Dental representatives had an excellent time learning more about the attendees and how to better serve their needs.

“It was great meeting with attendees at the NEA Expo and speaking with them on information about their coverage


Jeff Kolesar in Rough Notes Magazine:
Jeff Kolesar, Renaissance Dental’s Vice President of Group Sales and Market Development, was highlighted in industry publication Rough Notes Magazine. The article, “Understanding and Responding to Voluntary Benefits Market Trends” (Pg. 50) overviews keeping up with today’s use of technology and market trends. Check out Jeff’s thoughts in the article here.

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options,” said Jeff Kolesar, Vice President of Group Sales and Market Development for Renaissance Dental. "Regular oral and vision checkups are vital, and the opportunity to educate our customers makes attending these events so rewarding.”

Throughout the year, Renaissance continues to participate in partnerships by attending events like the NEA EXPO so that clients can learn more about our products and flexible coverage options. Our representatives enjoyed taking the time to connect with our partners and clients in order to provide the best products and services.

Tom Dimmer at the IHC Forum:
Last month, Tom Dimmer, Vice President of Business Development, Individual Market and Exchanges, spoke at the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) Forum. Dimmer was selected by IHC to share his wealth of knowledge on trends in voluntary benefits.

During the IHC Forum, healthcare industry leaders discussed current insights and innovations surrounding continuous health, wellness and benefits. Dimmer showcased the company’s expertise on employer trends 
in voluntary benefits and how companies are utilizing private exchanges to the benefit of their employees.

 “As the healthcare consumerism industry continues to shift, it becomes even more important to look at the trends and innovations that will directly benefit our consumers,” said Dimmer. “We must find solutions in the private exchange and discuss how offering more choices for employers and employees may help the healthcare marketplace become more successful and efficient.”

Alongside speaking at the IHC Forum, Dimmer also appeared as a featured guest on the IHC Radio Show, where he stimulated more conversations on voluntary benefits. In the radio segment Dimmer discussed the new choice-driven marketplace for dental benefits. The conversations also went over how private exchanges continue to empower the employer to give employees what they value most when it comes to voluntary benefits. Lastly, he spoke about the changing exchange benefits landscape and how it impacts the buying process.

Check out the full interview on the IHC’s YouTube channel here. Also, read our full press release on the IHC Forum here.